IBC Group Inc.
Integrating Business with Information Technology

Information Business Consulting Group Inc.

  • Management Consulting Services


  • Procurement Services (e.g. RFP's)


  • Quality Assurance Services and


  • Professional Placement Services

IBC uses a ‘win-win’ approach with Clients. We focus on facilitating communication, co-ordination and mediation between business areas and vendor communities. With our strong client relationship management skills and focus, we create a positive environment to ‘bridge and integrate’ the business world with Information Technology solutions.


IBC is renowned for its positive, collaborative corporate culture, flexibility and professionalism. With IBC’s ability to remain objective and independent, we assure that our client’s best interests are fully represented at all times. This is how we build a lasting partnership with your organization, always committed to your success.


Information Business Consulting (IBC) Group Inc, is an Alberta based company that provides I.T. related Management Consulting services to various public and private sector clients. Committed to excellence and providing exceptional quality services and reasonable rates, IBC offers the following services: